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About us
SODA-Software-Development-Association-Poland, canva featured image

SODA — Software Development Association Poland

Finally, after a few months of analyzing the pros and cons, I can officially say that BlueRider.Software is a member of the Software Development Association Poland (SoDA). Hopefully (and all signs on the Earth seem to confirm that) it’s just the beginning of a great adventure. Let me briefly explain why I think so. I […]

Team Tech news
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Internal Tech Talks

Technical knowledge that team members have, not always related to day by day job, is incredible. Very often it’s hidden and almost impossible to discover due to the lack of opportunity to express and share it. Based on Blueriders team request we start a new series of internal Tech Talks to share knowledge and allow […]

Christmas 2018, canva, featured image

Christmas 2018

A wonderful time for many of us! Especially for me with an army of kids behind or on my back 🙂 That brings tons of fun and happy faces. It’s also an important time for all Blueriders. You can feel that the projects are naturally slowing down, conversations become even more casual and are very […]

Innovations Team
Blueriders at HackYeah 2018, canva, featured image

Blueriders at HackYeah 2018

I’m always proud of Blueriders. Especially when they take initiative, face challenges, and turn them into successes. This is what happened with Michał Jadczuk and Piotr Pałkiewicz who decided to attend this year’s HackYeah2018 — the biggest stationary hackathon in the world! Not only did they attend, but also managed to win one of the […]

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Team Events

During many years of our activity, we worked with hundreds of software engineers — developers, data scientists, testers and so on… All of them have their strengths, weaknesses, professional and personal ambitions. Making them work as a team is not an easy task, especially with so many different and talented personalities. There are many things […]

Tech news
Bialystok Test of IT Professionals 2018, canva, featured image

Białystok Test of IT Professionals 2018

It was our great pleasure to support and be part of the Białystok Test of IT Professionals organized by Białystok Technical University. Over 200 students tried their skills against questions and tasks prepared by Białystok companies including BlueRiders !!! The best students got valuable prices and confirmation that their education is going in the right […]

About us
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Meet our Management Team

Peter Drucker, one of the greatest expert in the XX century in companies organizations, once said. Good employees QUIT when management is bad.Bad employees QUIT when management is good. And we fully agree. In order to ensure full work comfort and best product quality, management that helps and stick to the rules is a must. […]

About us
A new beginning - feature image - canva

A new beginning

For many years Tomasz and Marta Roszko have been building and leading TJ.Software. The company has built its reputation as the home of the best Python developers and tremendous, almost family-like atmosphere. With a growing number of challenges and in the era of multiple software houses, TJ has decided to transform into something much more […]

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