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Contest results of a Trip to the Amazon, canva featured image

Contest results of a “Trip to the Amazon”

Everything started around April a few months ago when we all were forced to stay at home. We missed our employees a lot, so we sent them some gifts…

Trip to the Amazon

Gifts had a small secret, an introduction and rules describing our new idea for team integration during hard times of isolation.

Trip to the Amazon1

We thought a lot about how to keep the team together, using only our Slack and Hangouts since typical activities that we usually perform (going out for a beer, board games, sports activities) were not available. At the beginning, we introduced online coffees, with significant success and quite high team members’ presence, but as time passed, the number of people showing up used to get lower…. We wondered how to make people talk not only about daily project staff but to engage and get to know our strength besides coding.

Trip to the Amazon

Finally, we figured out a virtual trip to the Amazon.

The task was to create a virtual team of four people (team members) with whom you would like to go to the Amazon. The result of this research was a list of people who were supposed to help you to survive. The most important thing was to explain why you had chosen them. To explain it funnily enough but still with a survival context, you had to either know your colleagues very well or talk with them to get familiar with some of their weaknesses and strengths.

Our team surprised us with incredible stories which were so hilarious and detailed.
We aimed to integrate people so they could have fun virtually and we achieved it so we are going to plan the second edition 😉

Congratulation to all the participants and especially for the Winners !!! We genuinely believe that you will enjoy the rewards.

Trip to the Amazon2
Trip to the Amazon3
Trip to the Amazon4
Trip to the Amazon5
Trip to the Amazon6
Trip to the Amazon7
Trip to the Amazon8
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