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November 26, 2023
Law Firms & Legal Departments

Law Firms & Legal Departments

Revolutionizing Lease Amendment Reviews for a Global Law Firm


  • Partnered through Autologyx
  • Challenge: 25,000 lease amendments reviewed annually
  • Traditional review time: 1 hour/document by a lawyer
  • Average lawyer cost in London: £200-£300/hour


  • Significant time and cost savings
  • Enhanced review accuracy
  • Integrated seamlessly with Autologyx’s matter and document management


We aim to transform the review of 25,000 annual lease amendments, traditionally an hour’s work each, into a swift 90-second task with our advanced model. This solution integrates seamlessly with Autologyx, a key system for workflow automation, ensuring enhanced accuracy and 24/7 operations, leading to substantial client savings.


Our tailored service offering leverages advanced natural language processing and question- answering models to proficiently analyze a wide array of documents, from images and scans to PDFs and Word files. Recognizing the unique challenges of bulk document reviews, we specialize in custom-developing models that are fine-tuned for specific document types. This dedicated approach ensures exceptional accuracy in content assessment. Benefiting from the latest advancements in LLM models, we’re able to deliver this service in a cost-efficient manner without compromising on quality. Furthermore, our solution is designed to seamlessly integrate with platforms like Autologyx or other automation systems, offering legal corporations and departments significant time and cost savings. With our service, clients gain the advantage of high-quality, accurate, and efficient document reviews.

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20 000

20 000

1 hour
Per document

1 hour
Per document

20 000
Man hours

333 hours
Of processing

Document verification

10% of 2000
Documents flagged

1 moth of work
for 100 paralegal

2 weeks of work
for 25 paralegals