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About us

Why we chose “BlueRider” as our main name

Białystok: our beloved city Białystok, a city rich in history and culture, is where our roots lie. Nestled in northeastern Poland, Białystok is known for its unique blend of cultural influences, picturesque landscapes, and a vibrant community spirit. It’s a city that has fostered innovation and growth, serving as a nurturing ground for creativity and […]

About us

An unforgettable weekend in Mrągowo: our team-building trip

There’s something truly magical about spending quality time with colleagues outside the usual work environment. Our recent integration trip to Mrągowo was the perfect blend of relaxation, adventure, and camaraderie, leaving us with wonderful memories and a strengthened team spirit. Arrival and relaxation at the hotel Our journey began on Saturday morning, full of excitement […]

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AirVocacy GenAI featured image

AirVocacy: GenAI Speaks out for Clean Skies

This year, we took part in the Air Quality Hackathon, organized by the Tech to the Rescue. This event brought together tech enthusiasts, all driven by a common objective: to innovate solutions for better air quality. We teamed up to support the Thailand Clean Air Network, driven by a goal to significantly improve air quality […]

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ChatGPT - connecting people featured image canva

ChatGPT — connecting people

ChatGPT fires up everyone around the globe. You can read and hear about it from different sources. Most likely, you have tried it for curiosity or to discover how it might help you with #SolvingRealLifeProblems. Some of our employees are still studying. They had college exams, and ChatGPT knew all the answers. Here are some […]

Summer Office - Grand Countdown, canva, featured image

3…2…1… BlueRider Summer Office – The Grand Countdown!

Big project, big dreams, big preparations 🙂 and yes, we’re about to launch. Only three days separate us from the moment when we’ll see if our assumptions and plans will resonate with the team. There’s a lot of excitement in this final stretch, but also a lot of faith! We believe we have managed to […]

Children's day, canva, featured image

Children’s Day at BlueRider!

As they say, within every man lies a little boy, and within every woman, a little girl. In line with this theme, we organized a day of fun at the FastPark Rope Park for our team to celebrate Children’s Day. Since Children’s Day would not be complete without the presence of actual children—that is, not […]

About us
Kudos system, canva, featured images

KUDOS SYSTEM — Magic Words

In the era of remote work, we wanted to increase the interaction between colleagues. The introduction of the Kudos system turned out to be an ideal solution. How does the system work in our company? Let’s start by explaining the word KUDOS. According to the Oxford Dictionary, “KUDOS” is a Greek word that means praise […]