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FROM THEORY TO PRACTICE: Partnering with school to develop young programmers

At our company, we are always looking to invest in the future of the technology industry, and one of the key elements of this strategy is working with young, talented programmers. As part of this initiative, we once again had the pleasure of hosting a group of apprentices from the INFOTECH programming technical school, who worked intensively on three challenging projects over the past month. Thanks to the support of our experienced professionals and the opportunity to participate in the daily office life of our company, the interns not only completed their tasks flawlessly, but also gained valuable work experience. We invite you to read the article, in which we will describe in detail their successes, daily work and impressions of their stay at our company.

Work under the guidance of specialists

During the internship, our interns had a unique opportunity to work under the guidance of experienced programmers who carry out advanced projects for our clients on a daily basis. We prepared three projects that the students were tasked with completing during the month-long internship. We divided them into three groups, where each had its own mentor overseeing the project.  The mentors were responsible not only for monitoring the progress of the work, but most importantly for sharing their knowledge and experience.

Each stage of the trainees’ work was carefully reviewed by the mentors during project meetings. These were regular meetings where written code was discussed, best programming practices were highlighted and areas for improvement were identified. Apprentices learned to write more readable, efficient and scalable code.

There is no shortage of challenges and problems to solve in day-to-day programming work. The apprentices had the opportunity to participate directly in solving real-world problems arising from the project. Mentors explained on an ongoing basis how to approach problem analysis, how to find the causes of errors and what strategies to use to effectively eliminate them.

Regular meetings with mentors were also an opportunity to receive constructive feedback. The trainees learned what their strengths were and what they still needed to work on. This allowed them to focus on the development of specific skills that are crucial in a programmer’s job.

Through all these activities, our interns not only gained practical knowledge, but also had the opportunity to see how the knowledge they gained at school is applied in real life.

What I found most enjoyable during my internship was the exquisite work environment and the endless support from my senior colleagues, which made the experience truly exceptional

-Mikołaj Wróblewski

Daily schedule

Office life at our company is not only about working at the computer, but also about daily interaction, collaboration and integration with the team. Interns had the opportunity to fully experience what a typical day at a dynamic software company looks like, deriving both knowledge and pleasure from it.

The interns started their day with morning stand-ups, or short team meetings, where each member talked about progress at work, plans for the day and problems encountered. This was a great opportunity to learn how to communicate effectively with the team and plan work.

During the day, the interns were involved in carrying out their assigned projects. These included writing code, testing applications and documenting their work. As a result, they were able to see how the various stages of software development come together as a cohesive whole.

At the end, they presented their projects to all employees of the company.


Having acquired the basic knowledge needed in the job market, I developed skills that helped me gain a deeper and more professional understanding of technology. I learned that teamwork and communication with other employees can be enjoyable, and this has made problem-solving a pure satisfaction

-Jacek Druć

It was definitely more challenging than any project I had worked on before. While it was difficult on a technical level, it also made me step out of my comfort zone and work on my communication skills

-Stanisław Rusiłowicz

Everyday life at our office

Our company places great emphasis on a good atmosphere and team integration. The interns were warmly welcomed by all employees and quickly became part of our team. Coffee breaks and lunches in the kitchen were an excellent opportunity to develop closer relationships, exchange experiences and talk freely about various topics.

The interns had the opportunity to attend company meetings. They had the opportunity to see what our monthly briefings are like, after which we always have time to share a meal and build relationships.

I loved it! The atmosphere was very relaxed, everyone was really open and helpful. It made working on our projects really enjoyable, easy and fun

-Krystian Sak

Great initiative

Daily office life at our company was an opportunity for interns to gain practical skills, learn the principles of effective teamwork and understand the importance of a good atmosphere in the workplace.

Programming is more than just writing lines of code – it’s the key to innovation and empowerment. By providing technical education focused on programming, we equip young minds with the tools and skills they need to shape the future and drive technological progress.

Participating in various tasks, integrating with the team and observing the organization’s processes allowed them to fully immerse themselves in our ecosystem, which undoubtedly enriched their professional experience.

We would like to thank the INFOTECH programming technical school for their cooperation and look forward to more interns next year!

I would recommend an internship here in a heartbeat! I think it would be especially rewarding for students who want to challenge themselves and learn something new, as there are plenty of opportunities for growth here

-Stanisław Rusiłowicz

What else do our interns think about internships
at BlueRider.Software?

Did working under the guidance of experienced professionals meet your expectations?

Absolutely! Working alongside experienced professionals who are using and building cutting-edge technology has exceeded my expectations in the best way possible. Their guidance has been instrumental in my development as a programmer. I’ve learned not just valuable skills like design patterns and clean coding practices, but also gained a deeper understanding of the entire development process

-Jakub Ławreszuk

Did you have the opportunity to put the theoretical knowledge gained at school into practice?

Since I was working with technologies not taught at my school, I had to learn everything from ground up. However, years of coding experience in school made it easy for me to pick up new concepts quickly, and I got the hang of it in no time

-Krystian Sak