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AirVocacy GenAI featured image

AirVocacy: GenAI Speaks out for Clean Skies

This year, we took part in the Air Quality Hackathon, organized by the Tech to the Rescue. This event brought together tech enthusiasts, all driven by a common objective: to innovate solutions for better air quality. We teamed up to support the Thailand Clean Air Network, driven by a goal to significantly improve air quality […]

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ChatGPT - connecting people featured image canva

ChatGPT — connecting people

ChatGPT fires up everyone around the globe. You can read and hear about it from different sources. Most likely, you have tried it for curiosity or to discover how it might help you with #SolvingRealLifeProblems. Some of our employees are still studying. They had college exams, and ChatGPT knew all the answers. Here are some […]

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Internal tech-talks, canva, featured image

Internal Tech Talks

Technical knowledge that team members have, not always related to day by day job, is incredible. Very often it’s hidden and almost impossible to discover due to the lack of opportunity to express and share it. Based on BlueRiders team request we start a new series of internal Tech Talks to share knowledge and allow […]

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Bialystok Test of IT Professionals 2018, canva, featured image

Białystok Test of IT Professionals 2018

It was our great pleasure to support and be part of the Białystok Test of IT Professionals organized by Białystok Technical University. Over 200 students tried their skills against questions and tasks prepared by Białystok companies including BlueRiders!!! The best students got valuable prices and confirmation that their education is going in the right direction. […]