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Summer Office - Grand Countdown, canva, featured image

3…2…1… BlueRider Summer Office – The Grand Countdown!

321 Summer Office 1

Big project, big dreams, big preparations 🙂 and yes, we’re about to launch. Only three days separate us from the moment when we’ll see if our assumptions and plans will resonate with the team. There’s a lot of excitement in this final stretch, but also a lot of faith! We believe we have managed to create a place that fosters creativity and development. A place where unconventional ideas and solutions will emerge, even in the hot weather. Keep your fingers crossed for us—may it be so!

321 Summer Office

The road from idea to implementation was not easy, as is usually the case :). First, we had to convince the board, and that went smoothly because the board is open to creative ideas. The next stage was more challenging. We had to tend to the garden after winter, especially the pool :). Now, filled to the brim, it awaits the team to offer them a cool down and an opportunity to reset their thoughts—so valuable for tackling more difficult tasks.

321 Summer Office 2

In parallel with the work in the garden, renovation work was underway inside. Indeed, we were also preparing a place “under the roof” where one can take a break from the sun, escape from the rain, or simply satisfy the longing for a desk and chair.

321 Summer Office 3

Time passed, work continued, and the opening day was approaching faster and faster, yet our deck chairs and towels were still not ready. Just as we were starting to consider a contingency plan, word reached us that our order was ready and waiting for pickup. Out of this joy, the idea for a little test emerged. One Saturday, we tested the garden section of the BlueRider Summer Office. There was a barbecue, badminton, a pool, loungers, and towels came in handy for drying off. There were also many more activities, which you can explore on the map.

321 Summer Office 4

The test was a resounding success, earning an A. Now, only the final touches remain, and we can calmly await the arrival of the first employees this Wednesday. With the opening in just 3 days, there seems to be so little time to finalize everything, yet, at the same time, so much time to welcome our team.

321 Summer Office 5

Keep your fingers crossed, and stay tuned for coverage of the first week at the BlueRider Summer Office.

Marta Roszko