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Meet our Management Team

Peter Drucker, one of the greatest expert in the XX century in companies organizations, once said.

Good employees QUIT when management is bad.
Bad employees QUIT when management is good.

And we fully agree. In order to ensure full work comfort and best product quality, management that helps and stick to the rules is a must.

BlueRider.Software — Management Team (Tomasz Roszko, Marta Roszko, Andrzej Rusewicz)
BlueRider.Software — Management Team (Tomasz Roszko, Marta Roszko, Andrzej Rusewicz)

Marta Roszko — CEO & CFO

Marta founded and leads TJ.Software since 2009. Used her knowledge gathered during many years of studies: mathematics, computer science, and economics to manage multiple clients in various parts of the world: USA, France, UK, Singapore, and Poland. She is working on a daily basis with startups, agencies, and large tech companies. Marta is responsible for key strategic decisions and company finance. After re-branding TJ.Software she will hold the same position and responsibilities in BlueRider.Software

Tomasz Roszko — CTO

Tomasz founded TJ.Software together with Marta in 2009. Before that he had worked for many years as a Python developer. His experience includes working with a number of startups including Opentopic, Autologyx, MyNameFlow, and many others. Tomasz is a technical expert with entrepreneur’s soul. In 2017 and 2018 he received IBM Champion title for his work with various IBM technologies, most notably IBM Watson. He engages with all company projects from both business and technical perspective. Loves innovations that help solving real-life problems and now he is now doing that in BlueRider.Software.

Andrzej Rusewicz — Head of Development

Andrzej joined TJ.Software in 2017. Almost immediately become an irreplaceable member of the team. Before joining TJ.Software Andrzej worked first as a developer and later as a technical manager for global tech companies including 3DO, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, and Google. He brings not only his mathematical (Ph.D.) and AI knowledge but most of all great team organization skills. His impact on the company and great cooperation with TJ.Software founders result in starting together with Tomasz and Marta BlueRider.Software.

Tomasz Roszko