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We are passionate about working together with our partners to solve real life problems using Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

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We work with...


that bring innovation to technology or marketplace and are looking for a dedicated team of data science, project management, application development and quality assurance professionals.


that are looking for ways to speed up their processes, deliver additional value to their clients, or just simplify their work by using Artificial Intelligence.

Software Houses

that are looking for additional expertise and help with their ongoing or future projects in one area of Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing or Visual Recognition

Let's work together

We can help you in many ways...

Product Development

We can help with steering product life cycle from the management point of view, as product owners, project managers, technical leads, and co-owners.

Application Development

Project Managers, Software Engineers, Quality Assurance, DevOops, Client Support - all required resources to launch your product.

Document Classification

We can classify documents or any text into predefined or discovered categories using supervised or unsupervised learning algorithms.

Attribute Extraction

We have developed an arsenal of NLP methods for find attributes and values in text, e.g. price, location, contacts, people and many others.

Predictive Analysis

Predict future values based on historical data, with dozens, hundreds, or thousands of features.

Image Recognition

Analyse what is present on an image, where is it, compare with other images and find differences.


What our partners say about us ?

Christian Jorg
A team of seasoned professionals that not only deliver on time and on budget but also bring the ingenuity to the table that addresses any issues variably coming up in a development process. Truly committed to excellence.

Christian Jorg, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Ellis Accelerator

Konrad Weiske
An impressive team that always deliver what they promised and do whatever it takes to do the job. In the same time keep world class standards and ensure impressive quality.

Konrad Weiske, Co-Founder & CEO at SpyroSoft

Sophie Reinauld
Working with Tomasz's guys is a world class experience with highest quality and great team spirit. An outstanding team that delivers what clients need.

Sophie Reinauld, Chairman Opentopic

We are BlueRiders

Talented engineers with strong commitment to change the world to be a better place.

Located in the geographical center of Europe since 2009


Inventories can be managed but people must be led.

Andrzej Rusewicz


Tomasz Roszko


Sebastian Burzyński


Do whatever it takes
to have the job done.

World class standards for Software Development Life Cycle, delivering on time with the highest quality.

Business understanding
Proof of Concept
Agile Development
Monitoring & Support


All in a day's work

Experts of Python ecosystem for both the web applications and data science solutions. Some of the technologies that we use every single day to meet challenges facing us: Python, Keras, Numpy, Jupyter Notebook, Matplotlib, PyTorch, Scikit Learn, Scipy, Tensorflow, Django, PostgreSQL, AWS, Redis, Docker, Git, Terraform.

Jupyter Notebook
Scikit Learn

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